"My boyfriend and I are first time home buyers and felt 100% comfortable with Carrie! She held our hand through the entire process, so we knew what to expect and when to expect it! She knows Seattle inside and out and showed us just about every neighborhood until we found our little dream house in Madison Valley. We recommend Carrie to all of my friends! Love her!"

- Madison Valley, Washington

"I have both purchased and sold property with Carrie as my agent. Originally she helped me with the sale of a condo in Seattle. Then the purchase and sale of a house in Medina. And last fall with the purchase of a condo in Kirkland. I really cannot recommend her highly enough. She is incredibly on the ball at all times...even while out of the country, she still was overseeing everything. She is great at coming up with last minute solutions to those crazy, weird issues that come up right before closing that you never would have expected! She is very smart, has a great sense of humor, great taste, is very sensitive to what you are thinking and looking for but really can't put into words. I would just never use anyone else!"

- Medina, Washington

"Oh my gosh! Carrie was so responsive in helping me to snag a highly sought after condo in the middle of Seattle. She acted quickly on my behalf to position me to purchase and close on the condo with the maximum number of improvements and concessions by the owner. At a really busy time of my worklife she did a video walk-through to show me the condo before I actually could see it in person, and then on her days off she made it happen that I could get in to see it to make my final decision. Bottom line: Carrie is professional, she's the one who can make your dream abode happen for you. I really couldn't recommend her more highly."

- Belltown, Seattle, WASHINGTON

"Since my first meeting with Carrie (whom I didn't know) and asking her to show me a condo property downtown, I was attracted to her down-to-earth and very professional style. When first meeting an agent, I'm a little guarded and she (in this circumstance really had nothing to gain other than  meeting another potential client). Over the course of several months, she showed me a few properties that I found late night online and she was always ready first thing in the morning to show me the property on my tight schedule.

Carrie had such good knowledge about the market downtown (where I was looking) but she was never pushy about selling me just because I had interest. When I found a property I was interested in (I knew it was coming on the market from some insider info) I asked Carrie to dig into for me. By the time I got to see the property, she had a full file to answer every question/concern I had. She was really quite over-prepared for just me looking at a potential condo, but I was so confident that she had done all the homework before I even got into seeing the place.

In the end, I made an offer and without sharing specific details of her negotiations with the selling agent, she did a masterful job of understanding what I wanted in the end of a sophisticated negotiation to make a new home for me.

I am extremely happy that she was at my side...she is a real pro in the details and business side of my transaction, contract details, etc...but she always was in tune with what was my ultimate goal in finding the perfect home for me. That's a rare of combination of skills.

Did I mention that she is so personal and likeable but negotiates like a $500/hr lawyer? Guess I just did. She earns my highest recommendation and I honestly feel that if you are looking for a property downtown like I was, you should consider meeting her."


"Carrie helped me purchase my condo 6 years ago in the heart of Eastlake. What a deal we made AND my property value has gone straight up. I was a first time buyer, scared, confused and didn't have a clue how to do anything. I only knew exactly what I wanted and she found it for me. I never feltlike I was demanding too much or being too picky...even though I am sure I was. She seemed to have as much fun and enthusiasm as I did. When I buy my next property, she will be the one! I'm with her!"


"She was knowledgeable, personable, and consistently on the ball throughout the process. She asked for a few guidelines for the type of property I was interested in, and provided up-to-date (tailored to my tastes) listings as they emerged and made a point to be available for as many viewings as ittook. Fifty emails, a dozen viewings, three offers, and five months later, I closed with her help. Carrie helped keep the process far better than the horror stories I had heard from friends."


"As a Canadian purchasing an investment property in Seattle area, I am more than happy to recommend Carrie to prospective buyers. Carrie is very knowledgeable; professional and has provided me with a lot of valuable information, idea and recommendation on various investment propertiesoptions while I was researching. She is very thorough in providing response and is exceptional knowledgeable in the market place. Carrie works very hard and I find her very responsive on answering various questions on market dynamics; properties options/comparison and economics data. It is a privilege to have worked with Carrie."


"My husband and I were having to relocate in a very short period of time. We contacted Carrie with hopes that she could ease the transition for us rapidly. We were NOT disappointed! Carrie's knowledge of the area, along with the schools and other pertinent information was astounding. We felt as if agood friend was giving us a tour. She took the time to research our needs and wants, showed us homes that were exactly what we were looking for and followed up all of our questions and concerns quickly and expertly. We are so grateful to have found a real Seattle professional!"


"Carrie is a pro! We're picky and had very specific needs in a very specific neighborhood. Carrie persistently showed us homes that matched our criteria - sometimes a home over, and over, and over. She is patient and works diligently with other agents to honestly present the best information forher clients. Carrie has great style and taste and will only show the best fit for her clients. I highly recommend Carrie for anyone who is seeking their next home!"

- Magnolia, Seattle, WASHINGTON

"Carrie and I have worked together in the industry for over 5 years. I worked with her as a mortgage lender and I also referred her to several friends and clients. I have been in mortgage for over 9 years and I find it hard to find great agents. Those who truly understands the needs of theirclient. Carrie goes the extra mile. She understands the needs of each clients and negotiates to get them the right home for the right price. In this time of recession it's imperative that someone works as a real estate consultant not just an agent. I am no longer in mortgage but I will continue to refer business to Carrie. To her it's not a transaction it's the most important investment a person can make. She is awesome!"



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